startupHow to start a new business

Venturing into online business is rapidly becoming a trend when it comes to finding a new source of income. As enticing as it may seem to go with what many entrepreneurs are doing now, it is always  wise to study first the means to maximize your capital and ways to avoid unnecessary expenditures before diving into the unknown. Learn the best deals and methods that will help you save money when starting your very first internet business and do not get yourself deceived by services that ask for five times the actual price. To get started, here are some tips to remember so that you get the most out of your money when starting your first internet business.

Buy Cheap Domains

It is imperative that the domain name you choose for your site is one that summarizes the focus or the niche of your site because it is the very element which will make your site distinct. It limits what you should and what you should not to put in your site. A good example of a niche is “blue glasses”. This means that you can only sell and talk about blue glasses in your site.

Although it is possible to add a mixture of other glasses in your site, most visitors in your site are most likely looking for blue glasses. So that potential visitors can find your site easily, a domain name that contains blue glasses in it should be the domain name for your site. Buying domain names now are actually not expensive however most appealing domain names are already taken and the best ones that are being sold can cost thousands of dollars. This means that you can only choose from a very few selections of cheap ones.  Do not lose hope though because you can always add distinct letters before or after your domain name, like “iblueglasses4u” or something similar. If you are lucky and it is not yet taken, you can buy it at $13 or less. You can buy cheap domains at GoDaddy or HostGator.

Go For Cheap Hosting

Ever since competition between hosting companies have become tighter, prices for hosting seem to have gone down and became more affordable for new entrepreneurs. This means that it is very easy to find a good hosting company that offers its services at a very affordable rate. If you are only planning to build one website, you can choose a hosting plan at a rate of less than 10 dollars a month. GoDaddy and HostGator also offer such services and a lot of online entrepreneurs trust their services. If you want to check other hosting company, be sure to research about their trust ratings before entrusting your site to them.

Cheap Web Development Services

If you know how to build a site and is a programmer yourself, then you already have all the necessary tools to finally begin building your own site without incurring additional expenses aside from time and effort. If you are not a developer, then you can choose to either hire someone to build your site or study how to build websites without learning how to code by using content management systems such as WordPress.

If you think that hiring is the best option then you should know where to find skilled developers that are offering their services at an affordable price. Prepare to spend at least 300 dollars for a fully functional website, although there are some developers who can setup your site at a lower rate than that. Although it is a bit costly, you will save yourself from wasting precious time learning how to setup your own website. You only need to instruct what to put in your site as well as how you want your site to look like and the developer will do it for you. If you want to save and is not in a hurry, learning how to use a Content Management System such as WordPress is a good choice especially if you want to be more independent. You can also save a lot more since you do not need to hire a professional.

There are many things that you can do to save when building your first online business such as buying an already made site at a cheaper cost and just changing its contents to suit your business. You can also build your site without buying a domain and renting a hosting service by setting up a sub-domain at or which is totally free. What you really need to succeed is determination and perseverance as well patience since the success of your site takes time and needs continuous work to earn you a living.