DAVE RAMSEY: Don’t make promises, financial or otherwise, you can’t keep

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a HUGE fan of Dave Ramsey and his financial wisdom. Here are a few of his latest nuggets of wisdom:

DAVE RAMSEY: Don’t make promises, financial or otherwise, you can’t keep

http://www.djournal.com/news/business/dave-ramsey-don-t-make-promises-financial-or-otherwise-you/article_607f1d0b-dafd-5df2-8d7b-740f084c096d.htmlQ. My husband and I are just starting Baby Step 1 of your plan.

Prior to this, we told my two nephews we would buy them laptop computers for college.

They don’t get a lot of encouragement or support from their immediate family, so we try to help them …

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Dave Ramsey: “Fifty-two percent of kids will graduate from college, but 100 percent of us will retire”

https://radio.foxnews.com/2018/04/13/dave-ramsey-fifty-two-percent-of-kids-will-graduate-from-college-but-100-percent-of-us-will-retire/Now that the Great Recession is in our rearview mirror, financial stability for the nation’s households is improving, right?

Nope, in fact, it’s going the other way.

Household debt is growing at its fastest clip in 11 years.

We are awash in debt, again.

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Dave Ramsey: Tiny house movement may not make good investment

Dear Romeo: That’s a tough one. I’m not certain they would depreciate like a trailer, but I don’t think they would go up in value much, either.

Anytime there’s a very limited demand for something, the price or value does not generally increase.

Tiny house movement may not make good investment

Dave Ramsey says: An emergency fund is based on expenses, not income

https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900016134/an-emergency-fund-is-based-on-expenses-not-income.htmlDear Lewis: Your emergency fund shouldn’t be based on income.

I recommend folks have three to six months of household expenses set aside in an emergency fund.

What would it take to operate your household for that length of time if one or both of your …

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Dave Ramsey says: There’s little reason to use check-cashing stores

http://ktar.com/story/1996908/dave-ramsey-says-theres-little-reason-to-use-check-cashing-stores/I’m not a big fan of check-cashing companies.

They’re not nearly as bad as payday lenders, but it still seems kind of silly to me there’s even a market for this kind of thing.

If you want a place to cash your checks and store your money, all you have …

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Dave Ramsey says: How to get rid of upside down car

https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900015488/how-to-get-rid-of-upside-down-car.htmlDear Dave: How do you sell a vehicle with a lien amount that’s higher than the actual value of the car?

Dear Michael: First, you need to find a way to cover the difference between the amount of the lien and what you can get for the car.

Let’s say the …

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Dave Ramsey says: Mom’s thievery leaves son in college-loan hole

http://ktar.com/story/1995904/dave-ramsey-says-moms-thievery-leaves-son-in-college-loan-hole/I’m about to graduate from college, and while I’ve been in school my mom has been handling most of my finances.

Recently, I discovered she’s been taking my student loan money and spending it on herself.

So far, it looks like she’s taken around $12,000 …

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