College on the cheapSave money on a college degree

Being a college student needs a lot of thorough decision making in order for you to survive financially and to avoid big amount of debts.

Although there are options to get financial support from your family or financial institutions, you still need to have extra money in your pocket to sustain your basic needs and other daily educational expenses.

To save money while studying in college, here are some tips that could help you catch up with your college life.

  1. Apply for as many grants and scholarships as you can find
    Honestly, to me this one is just an absolute no-brainer. If someone wants to give you free money to go to college – TAKE IT! And take all of it that anyone is willing to give you. I heard somewhere that there are millions of dollars in scholarships and grant money that goes unused and uncollected each year.That is insane! Use this tool to find scholarships and grants that you qualify for.
  2. Apply and Work Online
    Nowadays, we know that we are in a computer age where internet and high-tech devices dominate our world. More and more people and business transactions are done online as it produces fast and more convenient services to clients and customers. So, the rise of online jobs became higher and it’s profitable as you are working from the comfort of your own home or apartment and spend lesser money than working in an office because you can save money from buying formal clothes, and going out with colleagues.For a college student, this is one of the best things to do to save money. You can work on a job based on your qualified skills or taken course and can work in your most convenient time. Jobs like researching, data entry, article writing, blogging, photographing, IT networking, and social media marketing are examples of the jobs that you can apply and work online. However you need to be more responsible and have a good time management skill to still catch up with your studies.It is still your priority to submit projects and do your thesis on time. By working part time with an online job, you can’t only earn extra income but you can surely save money.
  3. Know The Difference Between Needs and Wants
    There’s nothing wrong with chilling with your classmates for a moment and dining in a fancy restaurant as long as you don’t compromise your budget and other priorities. As a college student, we are surrounded by group of friends, organizations, school clubs, shopping malls and fast food chains.All of these things are just normal for a human being like you and me. However, since education is your priority, you need to separate your “wants” from your “needs”. Yes, there is a big difference between the two. When we say “wants”, these are the things that make us more comfortable and feed our ego. We tend to do the things beyond our limits just like buying expensive and branded clothes, bags, shoes, living in a more expensive apartment or room.On the other hand, the “needs” are the things that we can’t live without such as shelter, clothes, foods, transportation, and basic educational expenses. If you want to save money while studying, you need to buy things that you can use every day, buy affordable clothes, and avoid too much night outs.
  4. Learn to Buy Thing Secondhand
    One of the better ways to save money is to buy a secondhand product or item. However, you need to be wise and check it carefully before purchasing it. You can save money than buying a new one but you need to carefully get to know the person you are buying from and make sure the product is still functioning well just like a new one.There are many people who are selling good quality of secondhand products in the market today especially in social media sites just like Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram.
  5. Learn How To Cook
    If you really want to save money and don’t want to burn your budget, you need to cook for yourself at your home or apartment. With cooking, you can buy more goods in the market for a lesser price than ordering meals from the restaurants or fast food chains daily.Plus, you can have the benefit of staying healthy with home-cooked meals than eating foods with artificial flavorings and chemicals from fast foods.