clothesHow to save money and still look great buying name-brand and designer clothes

There is nothing wrong with being fashionable and looking great with your clothes as long as you don’t owe someone for buying it and as long as you can still pay your bills every month.

We used to think that when we see fashionable clothes, most of it is from high end brands which cost you hundreds of dollars. However, there are ways to save money and still look great in buying name-brand and designer clothes.

  1. Pay Attention to Sales and Promotions
    There is no doubt that shopping malls and department stores are rising in every city. And there are times that each has different ways in promoting their products and services. Of course, when there is a sale, you can buy designer clothes for a cheaper price. You can also have a privilege to have more discounts when you avail some of their promo packages. Most businesses often conduct their sales and promotions during their anniversary, Schooling, summer, February, Halloween and Christmas- the most wonderful time of the year for both young and old.
  2. Learn The Art of Recycling
    We all know that recycling has an impact in our environment and so in our sense of fashion. Recycling your old designer clothes can create more style depending what’s on the trend. You can add or enhance your old clothes to make it looking new. Though this, you can save money and still look great on wearing them. When recycling, you can research good ways and methods on the internet or in YouTube. You should have the patience to make it done because it requires stitching, folding, coloring, dying, cutting, threading, washing, or drying depending on the style you want to make.
  3. Check For Website Sales
    There is more affordable products to buy in an online store using your debit or credit cards than paying it via cash. There are some stores where you can have more discounts when you avail more of their products. You can even pay less or avail for free of their shipping service.
  4. Buy Clothes Off-Season
    When your goal is to get that designer clothes you want even if it’s not actually in season, you can still get that stuff in a cheaper price. There are malls and clothing companies which are selling old stocks of designer clothes in a cheaper price to customers. You just need to use your creativity to make it still fashionable to wear.
  5. Check on Garage Sales from Celebrities or Fashionable People
    We know that celebrities are more fashionable and wear branded clothes than us (ordinary citizens). No wonder a lot of people get hooked every time different TV personalities post their clothes for a cause or charity works on the internet or display them on their chosen department stores or shopping malls.
  6. Buy Secondhand Clothes
    There is a joy in buying old clothes when you want to save your budget and still get the designer ones you always wanted. When buying these kind of clothes, you still need to check the quality although it’s not 100% the same as the new one. The colors may slightly fade and there may be some torn portions of the clothes but you can fix it anyway as long as you want.

Clothing is one of our basic needs for living but it is your choice when you want to wear something that gives you more fulfillment and comfort. You just need to be creative and wise enough to stay looking great without going broke.

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