EXCLUSIVE interview with Leigh-Allyn Baker from BAD HAIR DAY

bad hair day 2

If you’ve watched the Disney Channel at all in the past 5 years then you have seen Leigh-Allyn Baker. Her role as Amy Duncan in Good Luck Charlie has touched many. In Bad Hair Day she is not only acting, but is producing. Leigh was nice enough to screen the film with us and then […]

McFARLAND, USA – World Premiere Images


McFARLAND, USA (opening in theatres on 2/20) Inspired by the 1987 true story, “McFarland, USA” follows novice runners from McFarland, an economically challenged town in California’s farm-rich Central Valley, as they give their all to build a cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a newcomer to their predominantly Latino high […]

The Funniest NEW Comedy of the Year: Fresh Off The Boat

(ABC/Gilles Mingasson)

Comedic sitcoms are easy to do wrong. It’s great when one comes along that is Laugh Out Loud funny, great acting, and nostalgic. ABC has had good luck with this type of show. Just look at Modern Family, The Goldbergs, and Black-ish. It’s showing there is more to America that what is perceived. Fresh Off […]

101 Dalmations Diamond Edition BONUS FEATURES


I saw this display at The Disney Store and couldn’t help to take a picture. It just gets you in a mood and makes you want 101 plush Dalmatians to lie beside you while you are watching the BONUS FEATURES from the 101 Dalmatians DIAMOND EDITION! About This Disney animated classic is based on the […]

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This will be a little bit of hahtag mania! Follow along with myself and 25 other bloggers as we cover a number of Event this week! #McFarlandUSAEvent We will be attending the press junket of McFARLAND, USA (opening in theatres on 2/20) where we will interview Kevin Costner and additional cast, filmmakers and the real […]

Fun Facts About Strange Magic and Director Gary Rydstrom

Gary Rydstrom

You might not know Gary Rydstrom when you first hear his name, but check out his IMDB page and you can tell he’s been around for awhile. You may know him as the Sound designer on Lone Ranger and Wreck It Ralph, but he’s credited on over 90 films for his work in sound. He […]

“Groovy” Strange Magic hits theaters today


Grab the family this weekend and head out to check out Strange Magic in theaters! From the mind of George Lucas comes an adorable film for all ages. It’s an animated musical mashup that will leave everyone happy. It makes you and the kiddos think about love….true love and how sometimes you can find it […]

Elijah Kelley: Man of Many Talents #StrangeMagicEvent

Elijah Kelley

Elijah Kelley isn’t new to the scene, but he’s someone you are going to remember. You may have seen him in hits like Hairspray (2007), Red Tails (2012) and Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013). He’s had a kind of slow burn career and is a man of many talents. A great actor, phenomenal singer, dancer,philanthropist, […]

Interviewing a Legend: George Lucas #StrangeMagicEvent

Interviewing A Legend....

Last week I was living a dream. I was screening and interviewing a few people from the cast and crew of the LucasFilm movie Strange Magic that’s coming out January 23rd. We already had our itinerary and I was psyched. I even did a post where I told how I was excited. All 25 bloggers […]

Strange Magic EXCLUSIVE Tour of the Iconic Skywalker Ranch

Exclusive Tour-2

When you visit certain places around the world they each have a specific quality to them. Some are breathtaking, some are historical, and just a few are magical. As we were driving up to the property, I was glancing out the windows and we went from a city to the most beautiful and lush green […]

Fun Facts from the cast of Baby Daddy


About The Show Baby Daddy is a half-hour comedy that follows Ben, a young man in his early 20s living the life of a bachelor in New York City with his buddy, Tucker, and his brother, Danny. Their lives are turned upside down when they come home one day to find a baby girl left […]

Fun Facts from the cast of Melissa & Joey #ABCFamilyEvent


AboutThe Show Melissa & Joey is a half-hour comedy that follows Mel, the grown-up former wild child of a political family, who is now a local politician herself. When her sister ends up in prison and her brother-in-law flees after a scandal hits, Mel must take responsibility for her teenaged niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder. […]

Skywalker Ranch and Pixar within 24 hours #StrangeMagicEvent #PixarInsideOut

Copyright: Skywalker Ranch/Lucasfilm

as a blogger I get a lot of emails. There are days when I become what I call “delete happy” I just hold my finger over the delete button and try to go through and make a dent in my inbox. This sometimes mean I’ll turn down things because I’m backed up. I was doing […]

Interview with Colleen Atwood: 3 time Oscar Winner #IntoTheWoodsEvent

Atwood with Streep's blue dress, Rapunzel's gown and Little Red's riding hood for Into the Woods (The Hollywood Reporter)

Certain ppl seem meek as a mouse when you meet them, HOWEVER when you look at their body of work you can see that while Colleen Atwood may be quiet she is extremely talented, super creative, and a force to be recokend with. Her styles range and each piece tells it’s own unique story. Colleen: […]