Before You Slander Me At Least Get To Know Me

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Disclosure: Know your facts. Email me personally. The grammar and writing in this particular piece may not be perfect. I’m writing from my heart and not going to edit myself.

Another day another blogger controversy…this time I happen to be involved. Let me preface this story by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m a strong willed wife and mother of two. I’m also a Professional Blogger. I live with the philosophy that you live life to the fullest and you find comic relief in the day to day. I’ve went back and forth about posting about this topic, but it finally came down to this. I’m not going to sit silently in a corner and let you talk smack about me or my friends. I’m standing up loud and proud for myself because if I don’t no one else will do it for me. It all started with a group of friends at a wax museum. During the course of the walktrhough we were taking MANY funny pictures. I mean hey, it’s a wax museum. You gotta make that fun right?

I see Hannibal? Let’s all fall down in a pile of bodies at his feet. (Can you see our humor yet?)


How about acting like we are riding a camel?


Dirty Dancing Fun!

patrick swayze fun

Of Course we had to do a jumping picture

More Jumping

Now let’s go to the “infamous picture” floating around the internet. First check out this movie poster:


Being movie buffs AND friends we decided to recreate it.

Infamous Photo

Can you see the similarities? Can you see the humor?

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. A few “bloggers” (and I use this term lightly. Obviously they just wanted to create drama and controversy for page views) took our photo OFF a personal facebook page and edited it. I’m not going to link to those posts because I don’t want to give them any extra traffic, but I’m sure if your reading this you saw it. They decided upon themselves that our friend and one of the most kindest tender hearted people I know is a sexist. That we were “demeaning ourselves”. That we were “down on our knees for Disney”. That we were “groveling, lowly mommy bloggers who were cowing down to a man in a position of power”. REALLY?! I mean get real. SERIOUSLY?! Yeah, whatever. Get your facts straight ladies. Actually get to know me. In fact email me. Call me. Facebook Chat Me. Ask other bloggers about me. In fact why not even call my HUSBAND and ask him if I’m a person who would “cower down to a man.”

THEN you have the audacity to try ruin a good mans name. Like I said get your facts straight. Actually do some research before jumping on the hater bandwagon. Marshall Weinbaum is kind, friendly, a great friend, and oh yeah he’s a PR rep for Disney. Did you see how I included the Disney part last? Let’s say you work for a bank. Does every picture on your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE mean your representing the bank? Nope. What you do isn’t all you are. Not even close. Ever actually meet him in real life? I’m guessing not or you would not have posted these viscous lies. Those of us that happen to have actually met him think he’s just stinking adorable.

I guess the bottom line is GROW UP. This isn’t high school. Your ruining reputations of people you don’t even know or have even bothered to try to get to know. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 😉

About Kas

Kasandria is a 32 year old Stay At Home Mom of 2 who owns Southern Bella’s Ways. She blogs about travel, Disney, Entertainment, life in general and offers awesome giveaways. You can connect with her at Twitter @SBellasWays


  1. 51
    mommy oustide says:

    I think it shows a lack of judgement period, in or out of the original context. There are always going to be people ready to pounce on things like this and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a personal page. When it comes to social media you always have to be responsible and sensible because it will come back to haunt you.

  2. 52
    Jim MacQ says:

    I just made the fatal mistake of reading the comments at that horrible woman’s blog post. A big pack of know-nothing windbags sounding off in ignorance, making me hate humanity.

    Let’s put it this way: there is one slang word I never use. I consider it the most vulgar and offensive word one can possibly direct at a woman; my bride calls it “the nuclear option.” Yeah, the C-bomb. It’s the word that comes to mind when I re-read that harridan’s hit piece. It’s a good thing I’m too classy to deploy it.
    Jim MacQ´s last blog post ..Mad Men Style

  3. 53

    I feel for you, your friends and Marshall. I decided to comment because of a coincidence. My husband’s name is Marshall and he’s also one of those very nice guys whose sense of humor can be goofy. I’d hate to think that a harmless prank like this could seriously affect his reputation in his field. His career means everything to him.

    ‘Sides, I don’t see any offense in this at all…


  4. 54
    The Mom Jen says:

    Jealousy + Hypocrisy = Desperation
    It’s been proven that at least one of the people in question has done something even worse when they’ve been representing social good. And, that was blatant unlike this photo. Pathetic. Thanks for posting your side.
    The Mom Jen´s last blog post ..Warner Bros.: Best of WB 100 Film Collection, Fun Movie App, + Giveaway {$597 value} #BestofWB

  5. 55
    Jenn Park says:

    I love this post. Well said. I’ve never met him (or you) in person, but have nothing but good to say.
    Jenn Park´s last blog post ..$5.00 off one REMBRANDT Whitening Kit or Strips

  6. 56
    Sheri says:

    Great post Kas. I’m sorry that happened to all of you.
    Sheri´s last blog post ..30 Days of Photos #MonthOfMom #PGMom

  7. 57
    Mitch says:

    I just hope he gets through tomorrow at work. I am so angry, with all that is written about bullying, this low life goes and cyber bully’s this hard working man. And just for blog traffic. I am praying to the higher power of Karma right now!
    PS Great article!!!
    Mitch´s last blog post ..New Trailer for MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

  8. 58
    MS Do says:

    Bravo! I’m proud of you for trying to set the record straight. Marshall is a great friend to many, many bloggers. I’m glad to see you ALL having so much fun when you’re able to get together, wish I were able to afford to go too.

    Keep fighting the fight for right. :)
    MS Do´s last blog post ..Print It While You Can $5.00 off one REMBRANDT Whitening Kit or Strips

  9. 59

    For what it is worth I was DEEPLY offended by this whole situation. … Not the picture mind you but the mountain out of a molehill situation that the dramatics are trying to create. I’ve met MArshall. He is all of those things you described him as. And…. shouldn’t the people in the photo be the ones to cry foul if there really was something more there?

    KUDOS to you for standing up. Thank you for saying what many are feeling.

    Also? LOVE the Hannibal pic and laughed a bit too hard at that one.
    Shelley (@momma_oz)´s last blog post ..on being busy

  10. 60
    Patty says:

    I’m not a blogger and I’m not in PR, but I know Marshall and he is an incredible person who loves his work so much and is terrific at it! He has always treated me and my family with the utmost respect. In fact, he has spoiled us throughout the years and has never asked for anything in return. This man is a class act, raised by a good family who are proud of his accomplishments (and with good reason!). With all that is going on in the world, it is really telling to me who this writer is and what she is made of. Maybe she was bullied in school, maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed or maybe she is just an angry person ~ I don’t know ~ but I do know she has wrongly accused someone and she should be ashamed herself.

    I hope you can shrug this crap off Marshall. You have a lot of fans.

  11. 61
    Milena says:

    Great post- Marshall didn’t deserve what happened to him. I find it offensive when people need to be “mean” to bring people to their sites. Then again I wonder what kind people frequent those sites and live off the nastiness. Good for you and don’t lose your sense of humor. I was one of the people that” liked” the photo on Marshall’s Facebook page. have fun!
    Milena´s last blog post ..Win a Trip for 4 to the Crayola Experience

  12. 62
    tamie says:

    It looks like you all had a great time! I love your sense of humor!!! :) Kudos to Marshall for mixing it up with the ladies!

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