Looking for new file sharing options? Try iMesh

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When you can download music for free everyone’s happy! I remember the good ole days of napster and bittorrents, but now I’m more of an iTunes girl. If your looking for a new file sharing option to share with your friends try iMesh. iMesh 11 gives you access to over 15 million songs and videos, all legal and free! You can also sync with your iPod or iphone, listen to DJ stations, discover new artists and find some old favorites and share with your friends. I love that it’s a great file sharing source that is legal. iMesh offers premium content pursuant to license agreements with rights holders, including all four major U.S. record labels. So your have plenty of options!

If you have all your songs you want and are looking for a great FREE Cd ripper check out Koyote Softwares cd ripper. Have a favorite CD with songs to make a perfect playlist? You can rip CD audio tracks to MP3, FLAC and WAV audio files and send CDDB request to directly get the full titles of the album, artists and tracks. Without losing any of the audio quality! Then play your tunes on your computer, MP3 player and iPod.

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