Long Distance Moving

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Everywhere I turn around these days people are either pregnant, just had a baby, or moving out of state. So naturally for about a month we planned on moving to Florida. We travel to Orlando about twice a year and both my husband and I LOVE it. The location. The palm trees. The weather and did I mention the theme parks? Not just Disney, but Universal, Busch Gardens is close, Sea World. I could go on and on. One thing that worried me was long distance movers. How feasible would it be to actually pack everything we own and move it so far away. Could we do it ourselves? Would we need to hire movers?

Then of course we thought of schools. What would the school districts be like? Would the kids be ok with a move that big? What about not having family nearby? We weighed the pros and cons and ultimately we figured that while we have the kids and family so close that moving to Orlando would not be feasible for us. It’s our pipe dream. When we get old and our kids are gone we might pack up and retire down there. Big Daddy has always said he wants to be a boat Captain at Disney when he retires. I’ll be the older woman headed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to drink butterbeer on a daily basis and try to learn a bit of magic. After all isn’t that what dreams are made of?

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