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Social Media Moms Celebration at Disney World ~ I'm Going!

Monday, January 11, 2010 5 Post-It Notes

For those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I have a *slight* obsession with Disney World. Actually my whole family does. It's our time to be a family, get away from the stress of our everyday lives, and make lasting memories. I was invited to attend to the awesomeness that is the Social Media Moms Celebration at my most favorite place in the world...Disney World. So of course I jumped up and down and started screaming to the kids "Guess what?!? We're going to Disney World!!!!" My oldest said calmly "I know mom. You told us. We go in April." As I'm still jumping up and down with Bella I tell him "Nope in Feb for a short trip and we are staying at the Polynesian!!!" So at this point we are all jumping around acting crazy.

 ***EDIT*** They are now full! Now for the even better news! They have opened up this event to everyone! Would YOU like to go? Disney along with Resourceful Mom Media, Mom Bloggers Club, 5MFM, and Mom Select are hosting this conference. For only $350 you and 3 other family members get 3 nights accommodation at the fabulous Deluxe Resort: The Polynesian. You will get 4 Day Parkhoppers for each member of your family and even some dining events paid for. It is the BEST Disney price you will ever find. PLUS you get a chance to hear some fabulous speakers and connect and network with some of your favorite bloggers. If you want to attend go to this 5MFM site for more information.

Are you going? I'd love to meet you! Make sure to leave a comment so I will know that you will be attending. Also be sure to use the hashtag #DisneySMMoms on twitter to chat with everyone beforehand. If you see me at the conference PLEASE come up and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

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  • Angry Julie Monday said:  

    I'm soo jealous. We just can't afford anything till we get our tax return. With Blissdom the weekend before too...ACK~

  • Ms. Sarah said:  

    enjoy! we have yet to take our boys. we were hoping this year but with the career change for paulie dont know if that will be an option

  • Christy aka the Write Gal said:  

    You are so lucky girl. I hope you have fun. I have never been to Disney but I hear it is awesome.

  • Momstart said:  

    Have fun wish I was going, couldn't come up with the money

  • Cher said:  

    We get 4 day park hoppers? I assumed it was only 2 days because we only get Thurs/Fri at the park? I hope they don't expire and I can save them! When are you arriving and departing?