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So my little sister is getting married....

Monday, January 4, 2010 6 Post-It Notes

That's right! Dara my little sister is getting married in June!! I am SUPER excited because I am the maid of honor. Now I HAVE to lose weight. I don't want to be a huge bridesmaid! So as I have been helping her find the best in wedding invitations I found this great company Hanson Ellis who does wedding favors. Look at this awesome Sand Dollar invitation. Isn't it cute!

Now if only I could get her to have a Beach wedding we could use all of these beach wedding favors. I always wished I would have opted for a more fun wedding than a traditional one. Maybe I could use this for our 10th anniversary in December. If all else fails I'll just throw a beach party and use the personalized wedding favors then. There are no rules right?

6 Post-It Notes »

  • Bonnie M. said:  

    Congrats to your sister. :) It's nice of you to help her out in finding services and things to prepare.

  • Stuff Parents Need said:  

    big congrats! My little one's name is Darah (pronounced just like Sarah). Is that how your sister pronounces her name, or is it more like Dah-ra?

  • Cheryl said:  

    Oh how exciting. I just love weddings. There is just something magical about two people in love making a lifetime commitment. Your sister is so lucky to have a big sister who is excited and ready to go all out for her. That is so sweet.

  • Natalie A. said:  

    Congrats to your sister! That will be fun!