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~Wordless Wednesday~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 8 Post-It Notes

In Memory of Bryson Ross. Don't forget to check out other ~Wordless Wednesday~ posts.

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  • shopannies said:  

    our prayers join together like the angels that comfort the mother and welcome the child

  • Sandra said:  

    What a tragedy to loose a child. I can't imagine the pain she must be going through.

    I know I can't wait to see mine tomorrow and give her a big hug! She will be 27 tomorrow and I know I'm a lucky mom.

    Prayers for Shellie and her family.

  • Zippy said:  

    I can't imaging what Shellie is going through. My heart aches for her.

  • The Shopping Mama said:  

    My thoughts and prayers are with Shellie and her family. So sad.

  • Haasiegirl said:  

    my prayers too.


  • Lisa P@www.isitmondayalready.com said:  

    many prayers for the grieving family! Such a loss

  • Katrina said:  

    A great tribute! My prayers, and those of my family, are with Shellie and her family.

  • Nicole said:  

    This was such a tragic story. It's a shame that Shellie has suffered so much criticism over it... as if the loss of her child was devastating enough!