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The TRUTH about Printing!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 4 Post-It Notes

I am sure you all have seen the most recent KODAK campaign about how switching to a KODAK printer will save you $110 a year. Is it factual? HP is here to tell you the TRUTH about printing. They offer you FACTS and FIGURES to dispel this rumor. In reality their numbers don't add up. When every penny counts you do want to save more. Especially in this economy, but you also want value. Which with HP you can count on.

Plus 1 in 3 KODAK printer users experienced problems with their printers. How many problems have I experienced with my HP printer? 1 and it was due to my human error. Not the printer. Keep checking back in to learn more about HP printers.

4 Post-It Notes »

  • Brittany said:  

    Whoa! That is awesome. Can't wait to learn more!

  • Ms. Sarah said:  

    thanks for sharing. That is why I love my hp

  • Annie said:  

    I have an HP inkjet printer....I would never spend that money on Kodak thank you for sharing Kass!

  • Sky said:  

    Holy cow! Didn't know that. Thanks for sharing, since I'm going back to school, I need to invest in a printer, and obviously, I want not only something that is going to last, but be cost efficient too.

    Thanks for the info!