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Review: SimAnimals: Africa (Wii)

Friday, December 11, 2009 1 Post-It Notes

In SimAnimals: Africa (Wii) journey to the heart of Africa where you control the wild kingdom! Interact with exotic animals in the wild including lions, elephants, gorillas and more as you explore the jungles and savannas of Africa. Discover the animals’ secret abilities. Solve challenges to earn new items, animals, and levels. Collect unique items to receive badges. Get in touch with your wild side and discover the ultimate secret of the kingdom with SimAnimals: Africa (Wii)
  • Rule the Wild Kingdom - Interact with an array of exotic animals in the wild. Tame zebras, rhinos, hippos and more with fun personalities and special abilities to discover
  • Journey through exotic Africa landscapes - Explore Savannas, Jungles, River Deltas, Volcanic Deserts & more! Discover the ultimate secret of the wild kingdom!
  • Solve Challenges and Master Collection Games - Complete goals to open unexplored lands. Unlock animals and rare items! Use your wit and the animals' abilities to create water sources, protect wildlife, and do everything to keep your kingdom happy and healthy
  • Collect items and Customize! - your kingdom is full of animals, bugs, plants, and rare items you need to find! Stow everything in your rustic backpack then move animals and items from land to land, customizing each area as you please! Earn badges for completing collections!
  • Play as an Animal in Direct Control mode - Now you have the power to directly control every animal - adults and babies. You'll have to earn this ability - but once you do, control the animals and can engage in fun interactions!

  • Gabriel's (8) Review:
    "In SimAnimals: Africa (Wii) it makes you feel like you are really IN Africa. In this game you have to care about your animals and feed them and also take care of the plants. If not they will die. This game gives you responsibility and is one of my favorite games."

    You can buy this game at Walmart, Amazon, and Kmart

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  • April said:  

    Wow seems like such a cool game! Nicholas LOVES ALL sims games, and he is a complete animal lover. I will def. need to let him see this. Thanks for sharing kas!