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Review: BedHead Pajamas

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

Owner/designer Renee Claire designs the majority of the prints you see on the site. They are unique to BedHead, and therefore you will not see them used in other pajama lines. They use only the highest quality cotton available and pride themselves in the fine craftsmanship of the garment. There is an addictive quality to the pajamas and people have been known to acquire 10’s of pairs!

We received the Pink Cheetah Pajamas for Isabella. I have them wrapped up and under the tree for Christmas and am SO excited for her to open them on Christmas Eve. We always open new pajamas and I know that her BedHead Pajamas are of the finest quality there is. They are 95% Cotton / 5% Lycra. You can actually feel the quality of the fabric when you run them through your fingers! BedHead has offered all Ways To Save readers a 15% off DISCOUNT!! Just use code: BELLAS15 when checking out.

2 Post-It Notes »

  • Sky said:  

    We open pajamas on Christmas too! I think those PJ's are too cute!

  • Creative Junkie said:  

    omgosh, those are cute! My youngest would love them. My kids open up jammies on Christmas Eve from their grandma - it's adorable to get a photo of them all in matching pj's!