Christmas Week The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 3 Post-It Notes

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic holiday! Here is some of our highlights:

The Good:
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. I actually got most of the presents wrapped on the the 23rd so for the very first time we weren't up till 4am on Christmas Eve wrapping presents. We got up at 4:45 am because we couldn't wait to see what Santa brought the kids. They had a pretty good haul this year and were super excited. Then we went to my moms for breakfast then headed over to Brian's moms for dinner. It was a very eventful day to say the least. The best thing about this year was EVERYONE got along. No whining, no pouting, no bickering at all.

The Bad:
I don't know if this is considered "bad" really, but it sure hampers housework and blogging. 2 simple words. Guitar Hero. Yep Gabriel got it, but we put it in our room to "test" it out on the big screen and OMG how addictive is that game? We were rocking out as a family like an updated Partridge family. :) It is super fun, but like I said ADDICTING so be warned. If you try this game you will not do housework. You will not answer emails or do any of the work you needed to do. You will not even answer the phone.

The Ugly:
Christmas week started with Isabella waking up one night and coming to our room with this horrible wheezing coming out of her chest saying "she couldn't breathe". My mom instincts kicked in and I could tell this wasn't something we should put off. I got up and took her to the ER since my husband had to be at work at 5am. Good thing I did because she had pneumonia and The Croup. So our baby was sick on Christmas morning. The day after Christmas she kept complaining about her stomach hurting and ended up getting sick. I called the Dr. and they said it was "Probably due to the Antibiotics. So just keep an eye on her." She couldn't keep anything down at all. Fast forward to Monday of this week. Gabriel starts complaining about HIS stomach hurting and next thing you know he is getting sick. Called the Dr. again and turns out Bella actually had a virus on top of the pneumonia and The Croup. So we go to the store get plenty of Sprite, Pedialyte, soup, etc. Then Monday night it hit me. Yep. A grown woman with a stomach bug is NOT a pretty sight. So the husband was taking care of all of us for the past 2 days. I mean kicking ass and taking names. Doing laundry, cleaning up messes, emailing people back for me. Everything. Then the middle of the day while he is taking out the trash he falls OFF the porch. SERIOUSLY?!? What else can go wrong. He turned his ankle, but after awhile he insists he is ok. Today we are all on the mend and I get to come back to blogging.

So as you can see we've had an eventful week. What about you? Tell me your Good, Bad, and Ugly stories!

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  • Brittany said:  

    LOL Wii has made it "bad" in our house!! So addicting and I don't wanna get off, to blog etc. Just want to play play play! Hope y'all are feeling better too!

  • Sky said:  

    Holy cow!! I'm glad you are back on the mend...it's the worst being sick...especially over the holidays!

    I love Guitar Hero. I completely suck at it on the Wii, I'm much better on the DS.

    We had a good holiday, minus the depressed MIL. Oh-me-oh-my...if only family didn't read my blog. The stories I could tell.

    Thankfully, we've moved on. We'll almost, I'm still a bit PO'ed. LOL

    My kiddies had an excellent Christmas too. It's always so much fun to watch them!

  • "Miss" Anita said:  

    We have our share of the pneumonia, but no stomach bug (yet...keeping fingers crossed & prayers said)! We've also had our share of "plain" bronchitis w/out the pneumonia, fever, ear infections... and, did I mention there's only four of us, too? :)

    Happy New Year!!!