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~Wordless Wednesday~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 12 Post-It Notes


Need some new shoes? Perfect for the "Slut" in you. lol Don't forget to check out other ~Wordless Wednesday~ posts.

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  • Staci said:  

    Oh my! Doesn't ever girl need a pair of slut shoes?? Yikes!

  • Cheryl said:  

    omg. How horrible is that?!? I seriously did LOL though!

  • Brandy said:  

    Oh my gosh that is TOO funny!

  • Becca said:  

    Okay...that's too weird to me lol

  • susan@What Happened To My House said:  

    Oh my, just what I always wanted, and what a selection! LOL

  • Rhea said:  

    HAHAHAHA! That's so funny. Is it a new version of CFM shoes?

  • Tammy said:  

    I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right. Lol.

  • April said:  

    Haha LOVE it Kas! Being a shoe fanatic, I must admit I don't have a slut shoe, wonder if it's the next "big thing" Happy WW

  • Simply Being Mommy said:  

    OMG! What a weird name for a shoe.

  • tiff snedaker said:  

    Wow. That is BAD advertising, lol.

  • Lydia said:  

    WOW...that is amazingly terrible and hilarious! CRacks me up!