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***Mom Moment Monday*** Blog Karma + Linky

Monday, November 2, 2009 18 Post-It Notes

It's time for another Mom Moment Monday! With this Mom Moment I want to talk about Blog Karma. It seems like everyone is talking about it, but do they really contribute? I do and I think my blog as a whole has become better for it. Blog Karma is based on the philosophy of Karma "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or put more simply "the process of cause and effect. If you do A, B will happen. If you plant tomato seeds, and water and look after them, tomatoes will grow."

When you go to another persons blog take a few minutes and give a good quality comment. If an ad they have on their blog interests you click it. If someone has message on twitter RT it for them. Stumble more posts. Interact with your own readers by clicking over to their blogs and leaving a comment. Offer to help someone because you have the time too. These few simple things will not only improve your Blog Karma, but just make you feel better as a whole.

So leave you link in Mister Linky and I will come leave you some Blog Karma, but remember to do the same for someone else.
***UPDATE*** Mister Linky seems to be down so put your blog in your comment and I will go from that. Thanks again!

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  • Brittany said:  

    I'm really bad at commenting! Horribly. But I try to stumble, tweet etc posts for them!

  • babyrocasmama said:  

    I have gotten so bad at commenting/visiting other's blogs cuz I'm stuck on CrackDot all damn day!! LMAo

    I so need to actually start writing good posts again.

  • candace said:  

    I too am bad about commenting, but am making a valid effort to leave comments on the blogs that I visit...thanks for the reminder ;)

  • Jessica said:  

    I try to visit and read others blogs as much as I can. I am a new blogger and love to read what others are talking about. I also do research on how to do things that interest me by visiting others blogs. In the past I left comment after comment. But I soon realized that I was not getting that back in return. On forums I have went thru members and visited and found something to leave a comment on. But still nothing in return. So I don't really leave as many comments anymore. I wish to think that carma would work, but it is not working for me.

  • Cher said:  

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • H.E.Eigler said:  

    it's hard to keep up but I totally embrace this concept! I try and stumble posts and retweet as much as possible for my bloggy friends :)

  • A Happy Hippy Mom said:  

    I absolutely believe in blog karma and need to get back to important basics. I have become to relaxed in commenting lately and have seen a decline in loyal traffic. I was thinking of taking one day out of the week just to blog hop and leave comments.

  • Staci said:  

    So very true! Some days we get lost in our own little world and forget about doing nice things for others. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Stitchblade said:  

    Great post! I try once a week to get around as much as I can. I think that i should try to schedule it in for a few minutes every day. I am an ad clicker though. If something interests me I definitely click! I wish you had the Name/URL activated for a commenter choice!!
    This is Not So Average Mama!

  • Mary Ellen said:  

    I try to leave lots of comments while I'm reading... good reminder!

  • Misadventurous Mommy said:  

    Sorry I'm late as usual, but this is a great post!

    I have to admit that I am really bad about leaving comments, mostly because I have a million and three things to do and not even enough time to consider doing half of them in a day, but really I shouldn't let that be an excuse! So you've inspired me to do more...hopefully my blog will be better because of it!

  • Janis said:  

    Totally believe in Bloggy Karma. I even wrote a short post on my karma last week. Great idea!!

  • Brandy said:  

    This is a great post, and a great reminder for everyone!

  • Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said:  

    Well said. I try to visit as many blogs as I can and incorporate all your suggestions! Tweeted for you!

  • Katrina said:  

    I think this is a great idea - I love to get comments that show that people actually read a post! I try to do the same!

  • Anonymous said:  

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