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Crafts for Christmas: Soy Ice Candle

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 19 Post-It Notes

Ways To Save: Crafts for Christmas Special. For our second Craft we have Lisa from 5 Orange Potatoes teaching us how to make a Soy Ice Candle.

Soy Ice Candle Tutorial

Materials needed:
  • 1 empty half-gallon container
  • 1 taper candle
  • About 2 lbs. of candle wax (soy or parrafin)
  • A melting pot or double boiler
  • Essential oil if you want scent
  • A crayon if you want color
  • Ice Cubes (yes Ice cubes!)


Cut the container to the top of the pillar candle, hold the candle in the center and add ice. The mold should be full of ice, but not packed.

Put the soy wax in the melting pot (double boiler), add a crayon if you desire a hint of color. We chose orange to match the sun. Wax can be highly flammable so be careful not to let it get too hot.

When it looks like this It’s now all melted and ready to go……

Pour the melted wax into the candle mold, the hot wax and ice make really cool crackling sounds! The wax hardens immediatly as it hits the ice…very cool! After filling the mold, add the essential oil, we used lemon and lime. Oooooh refreshing……

Let the candle set a while before you attempt to pour the water out; you’ll need to pour the water out a few times before removing the candle from the mold. Mmmmm, looks like a creamsicle….yummy!

When you remove the candle, you will find a lot of cracks in the wax, pick at the cracks where you want the wax removed. They easily come off leaving this swiss cheese look:

Now that you’re done with your candle, simply light the wick and the light will glow through the holes. I can’t remember who I bought the soy wax from…a simple search of bulk soy wax will give you many providers. I bought my essential oils from www.herbalremedies.com, they have very reasonable prices.

A BIG thank you to Lisa for helping me out with this tutorial! Make sure to go check out her website 5 Orange Potatoes

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  • Momstart said:  

    Making your own candles looks so easy.

    I'm not very crafty

  • Brittany said:  

    This is an awesome, awesome idea! Going to try it out and give them as gifts!!!!

  • Staci said:  

    What a great idea! They turned out so well!

  • Haasiegirl said:  

    this turned out really pretty!


  • Princess Hairstyles said:  

    I've always wanted to make a candle. How fun is that?

  • Beeb said:  

    This looks so fun! I have always wanted to make candles!

  • Kelly said:  

    that is a great idea

  • Laurie said:  

    This is cool, ive always wanted to try making my own candles!

  • Simply Being Mommy said:  

    Oh those look really cool and simple to make. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I might be feeling a little crafty.

  • karissa said:  

    love this! i am going to try it. maybe this weekend! thanks Kas!

  • tiff snedaker said:  

    What an awesome tutorial! They are so cool.

  • Angie Neil said:  

    How neat!! And it looks so easy to do too!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • With Child said:  

    What a great craft to do with older kids!

  • MommaWad09 said:  

    wow very impressive. i am intrigued now. sounds & looks sooo simple thanks for sharing
    Annie W mommawad@yahoo.com

  • JC said:  

    I love this idea! I'm going to follow your instruction and making some candles.

  • Sheilacakes said:  

    I used to love making Candles that is awesome I should try it!

  • cstironkat said:  

    I have some time off next week before christmas. This will be a fun project to do with my niece.

  • Midday Escapades said:  

    Cool candles and you do make it look so easy!

  • minishoes1 said:  

    I would love to make this with my sister and niece. It looks like fun! Wish us luck.lol Thanks!