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Bloggers and Tiaras Mission #3: Talent My FAMOUS Cookie Recipe

Thursday, November 19, 2009 10 Post-It Notes

For the 3rd challenge we were to video-tape our talent. If you didn't know I am an AWESOME cook! Seriously Martha Stewart has nothing on me!

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  • Annie said:  

    It's better to be broke up anyway - I loved that part!!

    This was really awesome! Logging onto MomDot instead of doing the dishes? yeah I can totally relate...um where is my toddler?
    Gotta go!

  • Brittany said:  

    LMFAO!!! I love you, I really love you! Plus your accent melts my heart! :)

  • Courtney said:  

    this is too funny! :) Gosh I am doing the same on momdot yet my sink is full!

  • Kelly said:  

    LMBO this was fabulous

  • MrsAshley said:  

    I have that Victoria's Secret sweater too! Love it!

  • babyrocasmama said:  

    Wow, umm, those cookies look..uh, tasty. Yeah uh huh.

    And you read that book so fast! Are you a speed reader or somethin'?

    You can take a look at my video if you want, not as fabulous as yours, but I tried.

  • Short On Cents said:  

    2 cute i love your charm and sense of humor

  • Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said:  

    Glad to know I am not the only one with the dishes problem!

  • Jammie said:  

    LMAO that was great.