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Bloggers and Tiaras Mission #2: Giving Back + Linky

Friday, November 13, 2009 8 Post-It Notes

For our second challenge for the Bloggers and Tiaras contest it is all about Giving Back. One way for bloggers to do this is by giving comments to other blogs. As Trisha said "Blogs thrive off of comment love and we are sending you to sprinkle that love to everyone else". Sounds good to me! So I'm off to leave 100 comments on YOUR blogs! Leave your blog link in Mister Linky and I will come to your blog and shower it with some comments! Don't forget to vote for me for the People's Choice Award:

8 Post-It Notes »

  • GrammyMouse said:  

    Thanks Kas!!

    my widget is hiccuping on my 1st pr thingee, it just won't take email addresses yet.. but you can still click on the facts & info & share it ...blahh blahhh


  • Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said:  

    Just dropping by and leaving some comment love.
    I really like the background you chose, it's adorable!
    Come visit on NetWorkingWitches, we don't bite .... hard. :)

  • Amanda said:  

    Thanks! What a great challenge for the Bloggers and Tiaras ladies!

  • Jessica said:  

    This is a great idea! I will be visiting some of the other blogs posted on here to leave comments.

  • Creative Junkie said:  

    Thank you!

    Just have to say ... I love the design of your blog!

  • Not So Average Mama said:  

    You are going to be busy busy!

  • Tammy said:  

    Oops my linky autofilled - I am not trying to promote my giveaway lol - sorry about that -

    Thanks for blog hopping - you're right that is a huge part of being part of the blog community, and I wish I had more time to do that