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~Wordless Wednesday~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 11 Post-It Notes

Here are the kids on Monday night at the Not So Scary Halloween Party. Isabella was a witch and Gabriel was Harry Potter. Don't forget to check out other ~Wordless Wednesday~ posts.

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  • AManda said:  

    Great costumes - Harry Potter is very convencing. :) I gave you a blog award, http://mandablogsabout.blogspot.com/2009/10/yaaaaaaaaaaay-meeeee-i-won-another-blog.html

  • Marianna said:  

    Cute! Love the Harry Potter costume!

  • Katrina said:  

    How fun! Isabella doesn't seem too happy - maybe it went with the costume!

  • Sara Elizabeth Bonds said:  

    Super cute. I love that Harry Potter costume.

  • April said:  

    awe I love it! Your little ones are so adorable. I hope y'all had a blast, looks so!

  • Lisa said:  

    i have no idea how I missed your wordless Wednesday this week. I love this picture

  • sneakpeekatme.com said:  

    OMG!! How cute is that picture. Awesome costumes!!

  • Angry Julie Monday said:  

    Umm, hello there awesome costumes and awesome picture!!!!