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~Wordless Wednesday~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 21 Post-It Notes

The kids at Epcot with their faces painted and in front of a Gnome. Don't forget to check out other ~Wordless Wednesday~ posts.

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  • Tina said:  

    Awww! They're adorable. Looks like they were having lots of fun!

  • JDaniel4's Mom said:  

    I have given you the Lovely Blog Award. http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2009/10/my-first-blog-award-i-was-awarded-this.html

  • Bloggymommy said:  

    Too cute! Looks like they're having fun! :)

  • Mrs. Marine said:  

    How cool! I want to go to Epcot again, I loved it when I went at a teenager.
    I followed your link over form MomDot, Love your Layout!
    Happy WW!

  • mousey said:  

    they are both adorable.

    happy wordless!

    say cheese

  • Mommy Chic said:  


    Very cute face paintings! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go there!

    My WW is a picture of my oldest daughter's first fair ride...

  • Staci said:  

    How fun! It always amazes me how detailed they can make face paintings!

  • Mominin said:  

    Very cute! Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Lucy postpartumillness.com said:  

    Cute picture, my son had his face painted for the first time this weekend like Spiderman. He really thought that he was Spiderman and didnt want to take the paint off. We let him sleep in it.

  • Ayie said:  

    kids havin fun!

    happy WW!


  • shopannies said:  

    looks like so much fun

  • Kasey@ All Things Mamma said:  

    OH they are so cute!! I can't wait to take my kids there one day!

  • Haasiegirl said:  

    your kids are gorgeous. Charlotte got that same face painting at disney!


  • Frantic Holly said:  

    We were there this summer and I missed the gnome. Your kids look like they were having fun!

  • April said:  

    your little ones are so adorable Kass. Your little girl looks so much like you!

  • Brittany said:  

    They look like they are having a blast. I'm so jealous I wanna go!!!! I've only been to Disneyland not World.

  • Dee@CWM said:  

    Awesome Pic. Looks like they are having a great time.

  • Sara Elizabeth Bonds said:  

    Awwww, they are both so cute!