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Review: Tiny Tongs

Sunday, October 25, 2009 7 Post-It Notes

Tiny Tongs are easy to use, child size tongs that help make meal time fun! Stay At Home Mom Carys Bice and her husband spent many days trying to find the perfect utensils for their 3 kids under the age of 5. Tiny Tongs are an innovative, safe eating utensil that is designed to grip food and keep it in place and provides for an easier way for children to get small bites of food into their mouths.

My niece who is 3 loved using them. She said they were"cool" and made her feel like a big girl. I thought they were neat, but it seemed a little hard to maneuver. Tiny Tongs are recommended for ages: 12+ months-5+ years. They come in Pink, Purple, Orange and Green and are $7.99. Tiny Tongs has offered all Southern Bella's Ways To Save readers a discount code for 20% off ANY order! Just use code: sbellas20

7 Post-It Notes »

  • Cat@3KidsandUs said:  

    At first glance I would have thought no way but those actually look like a pretty cool way for young kids to learn to stop eating with fingers.

  • Butterflygirlms Blog Designs (Heather) said:  

    Oh I love this. Be great for my 2-year old. He is ALWAYS dropping his food from either his spoon or fork. I just might buy this very soon =)

  • Angie said:  

    I want a pair for Serenity!

  • Angie said:  

    I commented on your tinytongs post!

  • Staci said:  

    What a great idea! My nephew always fights eating, but these may just interest him a little more. I'll have to look into getting him a set!

  • Jennette said:  

    I have already thought about getting a set,they are really neat!
    Thanks for the coupon code!

  • Anonymous said:  

    These are neat just kind of confusing to me, ver interesting for sure!!
    Annie W