NEW Layout!

Saturday, October 31, 2009 5 Post-It Notes

So I know all this week I have been slack with the posts, but it's because I have been updating and trying to make everything easier for you to view! Same colors and overall feel just better navigation for you as well as me and a search box! Let me know if you would like me to add any categories or what you think about the look. Thanks for being so patient!

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  • Courtney said:  

    Wow, I like it!! Great job :)

  • Jammie said:  

    I like it. Glad to see you finally got the feature to work for you. I may need to get that code from you. I am working on a new layout as well but taking lots of time to get it how I want it. I am basically taking code from several different sources and making a unique layout only I have so to say.

  • babyrocasmama said:  

    I love it (with a few minor tweaks LOL).

    Like Jammie, I want your Featured content gallery as well. Where did you get it?

    The new template is coming along nicely, Kas. You ready to come help me with mine? My eyeballs are bleeding and I want to get my template all nice and professional looking so I can get some good stuff going before Thanksgiving.

    You are so good at this Kas, really. :)

  • JDaniel4's Mom said:  

    I love the clean lines. The compact header gives the rest of you page an open feel.

  • Mama Zen said:  

    Wow! Everything looks fabulous!