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**UPDATED** If You Bought A Baby Einstein DVD in the past 5 Years You Get A REFUND!

Thursday, October 22, 2009 11 Post-It Notes

Have you bought a Baby Einstein DVD between June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009
you may exchange it for one of the following:
  • One (1) Baby Einstein Book of your choice
  • One (1) Baby Einstein music CD of your choice
      - Or -
  • One (1) coupon for 25% off the purchase of one Little Einsteins™ product. Redeemable with promotion code only at DisneyStore.com.
or you may return it, and we will refund the current retail value of the DVD ($15.99). (limited to four (4) per household).

Why are you getting this refund? In 2006 The Campaign For A Commercial Free Childhood filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission which forced Disney to stop claiming that Baby Einstein videos were educational for infants, but the company made no move to compensate parents who purchased them. Now Disney has offered the refund. Go to this website:
Try this website to find out more about getting your refund.

**UPDATE** Quite a few of you have asked me what my thoughts on this subject are. Quite frankly I think the whole thing is crazy. It's not up to a DVD to make my child an "Einstein". It's up to my husband and I to teach them as parents and hope that we do right by them. The whole situation has gotten out of hand, but hey a refund is a refund. If I hadn't already sold all of ours I would be sending mine in. What's your opinion?

***UPDATE #2*** Baby Einstein has responded to all the hype. To hear their story go to: http://www.babyeinstein.com/Refund/

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  • Designs by Jessie said:  

    ohhhh wow.. thats pretty awesome! I didn't know that, and I have tons of those laying around the house!

  • Annie said:  

    LOL I knew they weren't educational, I just couldn't wrap my head around how they could be! If only I could find ours....I hate it so much and we don't watch it at all...I think it is in the attic :)

  • minishoes1 said:  

    I didn't know about this either. I will have to tell people about this. thanks!

  • Priscilla said:  

    You have been awarded the “Honest Scrap Award”!

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  • Tiaras said:  

    oh man - thanks!! I could use the $60 right now!

  • Amanda said:  

    That's interesting after all the hype that was surrounding them. I never bought any just because they weren't something I was willing to watch over and over again if my kids liked them.

  • Courtney said:  

    Wow, we buy these for our school -- I work with Children with Cerebral Palsy, they love these videos. Will pass on the info! :)

  • The Shopping Mama said:  

    I think it's kind of silly that they have to give refunds. I mean, I think they entertain and occupy infants (and kids) quite well, but I've never thought it would actually increase my child's brain power.

  • Jess said:  

    I couldn't agree with you more & to take a step further it also depends on the CHILD! Some children are born smart & some not so much lol but hey a refund is a refund!

  • Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said:  

    That link doesn't seem to be working. Do you know another link?