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~Wordless Wednesday~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 10 Post-It Notes

For my post I used some eye candy for both men and women. These 3 are who I'm getting inspiration from while writing my book and yes I know Ian is already a vampire in another show :( Anywho glance at the candy and Don't forget to check out other ~Wordless Wednesday~ posts.

10 Post-It Notes »

  • April said:  

    Ok Kas, so you know I already love these pics ;) Great post.

  • The Mud Bug said:  

    I love me some eye candy. Too bad I am probably old enough to be their mom's, lol. Happy WW!


  • Trish said:  

    Yup, definitely some eye candy.

  • Toni-Lynn said:  

    I am a sucker for a nice set of eyes!

  • Kasey@ All Things Mamma said:  

    YEP - that is some great eye candy!

  • Amy said:  

    Man, dontcha just love the beautiful people of the world?!(especially men) Hehee. They're so great to look at. :]

    Wordless Wednesday #2

  • Sara Elizabeth Bonds said:  

    They all have dark hair and light eyes. I love that. My man has dark brown hair and grayish light blue eyes. He makes me weak at the knees. :)

  • Marie said:  

    Very nice eye candy! :-)

  • Night Owl Mama said:  

    Man Eye candy is my preference u picked some hotties

  • Marianna said:  

    I will always think of the first guy as Boon from Lost. :)