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Review: Umi Shoes

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Finding good quality children's shoes that are not only durable, but fashionable are hard to find. That's where Umi Shoes come into play. Umi builds real children's shoes. Not floppy leather slipper socks or miniature grown-up shoes.They use the highest quality in nappa and nubuck leather which result in flexible, supportive, and built to fit shoes.

We reviewed the Tansy. A cute Chocolate/Amber leather shoe that has a Velcro closure. I loved the fact that they were sturdy and had a great sole. I know Isabella won't wear them out easily. Isabella liked the fact that she didn't have to tie her shoes. Overall I think Umi Shoes are a great compromise for both kids and grownups.
Umi Shoes were gracious enough to offer Ways To Save readers. Just enter code: southb920 when you check out!

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