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Review: Disney Better For You Foods

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6 Post-It Notes

Disney is famous for a lot of things. Theme Parks, Fairies, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Iconic Mickey Mouse, and all things Pixar to name a few; but did you know that they came out with a line of Better For You Foods? That's right! Disney's Better For You Foods offer healthy product categories such as fruits, vegetables, water, juice, milk, cheese and yogurt. They are good for you while the packaging offers fun and hip Disney characters.

If your kiddos are anything like mine they turn green at the word "vegetable" or "healthy" so they were surprised to see the Better For You Food selection at our local Target Supercenter. We paid for some of the peppers and as a mom I can say that just because it had fun packaging it did NOT mean it lacked taste. Those peppers we bought were some of the best I had recently!

Disney was kind enough to send us some of the Apple Crisps and 100% Juice Fruit Juice Bellywashers to review as well. Disney Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps have a crunch and fresh, straight-from-the-farm-stand flavor and come in a variety of Disney characters. The Apple crisps were really unique. My youngest Isabella said "When you put them in your mouth they plump back up!" I'm also behind any Juice that is 100% because it is hard to find sometimes. Overall I think Disney has a winner with this food line not only were they cheap, but fun and nutritious. The Better For You Foods gets The Ways To Save Seal of Approval. Find them at your local supermarket or grocery store.

6 Post-It Notes »

  • Momstart said:  

    my daughter just went crazy for this post. I've only seen the carrots at Costco, I've never seen anything else. Disney, where are you my daughter wants to know

  • kasandria said:  

    We are in Spring Hill, TN near Nashville. They have almost the entire product line at the Target Supercenter. I've seen some products at both Super Wal-Mart and Kroger too. :)

  • orbitmom said:  

    I've only seen the grapes and eggs at my local grocery store. They're both great quality and they kids and i love them! The other day I heard another Mom in the store asking for the eggs in particular, so I know I'm not the only one enjoying their prodicts! I really hope more of the items become available in my store!

  • April said:  

    I haven't seen very many of these, only a few! Maybe if I bought more of the Disney food I could get my kids to actualyl eat better :) GREAT POST!

  • Beeb said:  

    These are cool, I hadn't heard of them yet!