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On A Serious Note: Proper Hand Washing helps Prevent H1N1 (Swineflu)

Thursday, September 24, 2009 5 Post-It Notes

I do a lot of product reviews, giveaways, fun memes, etc.; but I wanted to take a time out to talk about handwashing. Tork is offering everyone tips on WHEN you need to wash your hands and more importantly HOW to wash them.

Our hands touch 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes. And, according to the CDC, up to 40 percent of Americans could contract the H1N1 virus through 2010. So properly washing and, equally important, effectively drying your hands is a simple way of dramatically decreasing your risk of being infected,” says Mike Kapalko, SCA Tissue’s Environmental & Tork Services Manager. “As a leader in hygienic solutions, Tork provides businesses and consumers with handwashing resources such as posters and educational videos through our website.

WHEN to wash your hands:
  • After arriving at work.
  • Before meals or eating any food.
  • After visiting the restroom
  • After sneezing
  • Before preparing food
  • Before and after visiting a sick person
  • After arriving home
  • When hands are visibly dirty
After washing and drying your hands:
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Avoid close contact such as shaking hands and kissing people on the cheek. Especially with people who are sick.
  • Cough or sneeze against your sleeve or in a paper tissue that you throw in a waste basket.
HOW to wash your hands: 
  1. Wet hands with clean warm water
  2.  Apply soap.
  3. Rub hands together vigorously and scrub all surfaces for 20 seconds. Remember to wash both of your thumbs as thumbs are quite often skipped in the handwashing process!
  4. Make sure to wash under nails, watches and jewelry since millions of germs gather there.
  5. Rinse with clean water.
  6. Dry hands with a single-use paper towel until they are completely dry.
  7. Use the paper towel to avoid contact with frequently touched surfaces while leaving the washroom, such as the faucet and door handles.
  8. Since hands are to be washed frequently, use mild and gentle soaps.
So let's all do our part and remember to wash our hands and to help teach our kiddos the correct way.

5 Post-It Notes »

  • Lauren said:  

    It's great to have a reminder of when to wash! Especially right now! I have a 3 month old son and have become a huge advocate for handwashing. The sad thing is, he still has managed to get a cold!

  • Stuff Smart (formerly Targetmom) said:  

    Great post just in time for flu season.

  • The Guerra's said:  

    At my work ( I work in a childcare center) we have to wash everyones hands every hour and lysol all the toys! We have already had 4 students and a teacher with H1N1

  • Night Owl Mama said:  

    great read thanks for all the important tips

  • Night Owl Mama said:  

    thanks for the important reminders