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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 6 Post-It Notes

I am hosting a Graphic SALE!!!!! Literally Name Your Own Price! So whether you are looking for a header, logo, button, banner, background, icon; literally ANY graphic contact me and name your own price.(Coding and any istock graphic IS Extra) You pust pay in advance. This sale ends January 10th so get in now! I also recently did my husband's blog:
Here is some of my recent work:


6 Post-It Notes »

  • Abby said:  

    Emilie from Baby Loving Mama just told me about this and I am interested! I need something new and different. I would love a header, button and background. Is that all something you can do?

  • The Budget Mommy said:  

    Your site is adorable, and if I knew what I needed I would ask for something! I will def. keep you in mind for when I do!

  • Anonymous said:   This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  • Cher said:  

    Just noticed your wording says it ends Oct. 10th.

  • Babe_chilla said:  

    Sweet Creative Junkie just sent this to me on Twitter.

    I'm looking for a few things. Do you do Word Press templates?

  • Becca said:  

    I would love a header/background...maybe to match the button I have but maybe not. Ummmm I always feel like people overcharge but I don't want to insult you so I don't know a price lol