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Review: Torrid Skinny Jeans and Cute Clothes for Big Girls?

Sunday, August 23, 2009 4 Post-It Notes

Being a big girl was hard for me in the beginning. I was always SUPER skinny. Then I had the kiddos and *boom* I gained weight. It was the same story you've heard a thousand times. 5 pounds here. 10 pounds there. One day last year I looked in the mirror and had no clue who that girl was. I was a officially a Plus Size girl with no clue how to dress. All the Plus size clothes seemed like either they were tents or they tried to hard. I'd go through Target, Kohl's, etc. with a forlorn look. If I was skinny I could wear that. Oh if I just love 10-15 pounds I could pull that off. Everyhting I owned became black. Black shirts because they were slimming. I seriously own over 20 different types of black shirts and I love every one of them. Then I found Torrid and fell in LOVE!

Torrid recognized the problem and created a women’s plus-size fashion line inspired by fashion icons, runway shows, music and pop culture. They also fit their line on a plus-size model so our customers could get fabulous fashion in sizes 12-28. I fell back in love with COLOR! I found a company whose clothes fit me and more importantly they looked good on me! So basically what I'm saying is Plus Size Girls UNITE! Wear those skinny jeans! Rock a cute vest! Be confident in who you are!

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4 Post-It Notes »

  • Whitney said:  

    I am going through the exact same thing. I hate clothes shopping and have only done it once since my son was born. I have never been in a Torrid store, but I'll have to see if we have one near. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said:  

    Will look into them. My Doc says it's usually 10 pound for every decade you age.

  • Natalie said:  

    I should look into Torrid...I'm on the small end of plus size and I hate it!

  • Christine said:  

    Thanks for the great lead for jeans. My mom, aunts and I are all size 12 and we were complaing that fashionable looks in keans just don't suit us, but know I have a new option to look into. Thanks!