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Saturday, August 29, 2009 3 Post-It Notes

So I have been working on my graphic work again lately. Here is some of my recent work:

Allison was looking for a new button to highlight her cooking show Cooking With Misadventurous Kids

Kristie was needing a Freebie Friday banner matching her blog design at This Side Of Eternity

Sheila was needing a grab button that matched her blog Sheilacakes. If you are looking for a new logo, header, button, or banner feel free to contact me for my rates. I enjoy doing graphic work and my rates are SUPER cheap.

3 Post-It Notes »

  • Mary Ellen said:  

    had no idea you were doing graphics. just got a blog makeover, but will def. get in touch if I need a refresher or something new! ;)

  • K. Rock said:  

    Email me and let me know what you do and how much!! I am definitely interested in super cheap.

  • Shooting Stars Mag said:  

    oh wow, these are good. i wish i could do graphic stuff. i envy those that can.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com