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Merchandising, Demos, and More

Sunday, August 9, 2009 14 Post-It Notes

As some of you know I have been a Mystery Shopper for over 9 years now. Another form of working is doing Merchandising, Demos, etc. What is Merchandising? It's actually going into a store for the manufacture er and doing things like restocking, repricing, seeing if you need to re-order, or just setting up a new display. Demos are similar. You have a new product that the company wants to promote. You set up a little table inside the store and hand out samples. Another form is Theater Checks. These I liked the most. You go into a movie and note how many ppl come in to watch. Sounds fun doesn't it? I've done both and some I enjoyed and others I didn't it really depends on your personality. However, it is just another way to make a little extra and we all need that. Now to the fun part! Here are a few Merchandising and Demo companies:

Hopefully this will get you going. If you want to read through some of my older Mystery Shopping posts they can be found here: http://southernbellaswaystosave.blogspot.com/search/label/mystery%20shopper

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  • AmberRose95 said:  

    Thank you for this information! I've been doing mystery shopping for almost 13 years and love it! I started doing this when I was pregnant with my son so I could make some money while I was out on maternity leave. My first assignment was counting movie patrons and it was a lot of fun! I'm always looking for different companies as I live in a resort area that doesn't have a lot of stores, etc. to check--I've started going to bigger cities with my son and am now looking to expand my shopping.

  • spoodles said:  

    I've often wondered about mystery shopping. Thanks for the info!

  • Insignificon said:  

    Oh dear, misread. Not mystery shopping, huh? I'd be too shy to do very well handing out samples and stuff...

  • OilGirl said:  

    Hi Kassie,
    Thanks for stopping by Oils For Wellness via WW and sharing your comment. Have a wonderful week!

  • Leane said:  

    Great post!

    I wonder how your experience is with certified field associate....do you still work for them?

    Are these flexible...I have a 2 yr old and need to work on nights and weekends....I would love to hear from you. Send me an email if you have a chance, I would appreciate your time and your info.

  • Lady Magick said:  

    Great info! I work with Certified Field Associates occasionally too! When you have the time, check out my blog about getting freebies.


  • Vickie said:  

    I've never heard of mystery shopping before. Thanks for the useful info. I also like the info on Work At Home.


  • Jennifer Fleming said:  

    I have been with marketforce and certified for almost 2 years.

    I was telling your husband (my boss) about this to tell you about. I like working for them.

  • olli said:  

    I think this is fabulous that you have posted this! It's so amazing the hidden job opportunities there are out there! Which one was your favorite?

  • Roxy said:  

    thanks for the info. I've done it sporadically, but I'd always wanted to do more!

    hockiemack at hotmail.com

  • Anonymous said:  

    I have always thought about being a mystery shopper, but it always sounds like a scam to me! Apparently it's not, but I am still curious about it. Thanks for all this information. I really never knew the simple ways that I could make a little extra cash.

    heidibokor @ yahoo . com

  • codi said:  

    I'd love to see more on this topic. An in-depth look on how to legitimately get into mystery shopping would be awesome. I've never had any luck locating actual opportunities.

  • Luv2CUSmile said:  

    Great info and I would love to know more about it! Is it really as easy as just filling out an app? Thx so much! Would love to hear of some of the "shops" if you are able to share your experiences!