Review: Beddingsets.com a CSN Store

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

I have to commend CSN Stores for their multitude of choices! I could spend all day looking through each section. I absolutely love covers, blankets, snugglies, sheets, anything you can call them. Which was why I was happy to review http://www.beddingsets.com. I went ahead and picked out the Sin In Linen - Dreamy Linens Skulls Quilt because seriously; who DOESN'T want a Quilt with Skulls on it?!? Ok maybe my husband, but he's a minority.

The whole experience with working with http://www.beddingsets.com went smoothly. From the time my order went through the website till my quilt arrived was less than 2 weeks. I got to use it for a bit, before my youngest snatched it away for her new bed. So the next time you are look for Covers, blankets, pillows, and more head on over to http://www.beddingsets.com/.

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  • Betty N said:  

    I went to their website to look around. They have some beautiful sheets and comforters...I am not needing to buy anything right now but I can still enjoy seeing new sites/products.

  • sweetbunnabunny(at)yahoo(dot)com said:  

    Sin in Linen has the coolest patterns - I especially love the pink zebra print! I didn't know beddingsets.com sold the Sin in Linen line. Now that I'm looking at the site, I see that they not only carry Sin in Linen, but a lot of the items are on sale! Thanks so much for the heads up!