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Here's a little story about DirectTV

Saturday, July 18, 2009 8 Post-It Notes

Here's a little story about DirectTV. I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years. We had a DVR in our room and 2 other receivers. 1 in my oldest sons room the other in the living room. As everyone knows times are tough. We decided to let the service go for a month or 2 until my husband got his bonus check. We FULLY intended to continue our service.

Fast forward 1 month and 6 days later we receive a package via UPS that has a return label and a bag and that's it. To DirectTV. This was on a Friday. The very next day DirectTV took an unauthorized amount of a whopping $481 out of our account. I had already paid the bills for the week. I called first thing at 8:00 Monday morning extremely upset. They said they would credit half of the amount back to our account. I said fine.

Fast forward to the end of that week. No money back in our account at all. We call and they say someone will call us back. I email and we get no answer except that their computer are "down" and they can not access our information. Which NOW has caused a f-ing train wreck in our checking account. My bills bounced then the Bank charged us overdraft fees.

I'm no longer upset, but am truly pissed! I call the following Monday. It has now been over 9 days since the unauthorized amount. I call and ask for Ellen Filipiak. They say they can not connect me with him. Ok give me the person who is in the office who has the most authority. They immediately send me to someone in Customer Resolution. This guy proceeds to tell me "I see where we took the unauthorized amount. If you could fax your bank statement with the overdraft charges we will get it resolved within 8-10 business day." I am ecstatic! I say "Thank you we will definitely stay in business with you."

2 days later my husband gets a call at work. "I'm sorry we can't give you any money back, but you don't have a bill for the next 2 months." WTF! Seriously? I mean this is now 3 different answers. All we want is the $481 at this point. Nothing else. My husband calls back and says" I want the DirecTV service turned off by midnight I will send back the DVR first thing Monday morning and we want our money back in the account." She says it will take "6-8 weeks". We call our lawyer. She said get them to fax the contract that we signed. We call back and ask them to fax it. Oh wait.....They don't have one. They can "expedite our money back in 8-10 bus. days but it will only be $160."

I'm at a loss on what to do. They have completely screwed up our finances. I have the BlogHer trip next week. I have bills to pay. They ADMITTED they took it out. JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Simple. To the point. Now I have contacted my bank to see what they can do. So everyone beware of DirecTV. Don't worry I'll keep you updated on everything. I may even be on our local news. ;)

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  • faemom said:  

    I came over from mom blog network. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having. Call them up and tell them you're reporting them to your atterney general's office and to the FTC. They are commiting fraud. Also mention that you are a powerful blogger and that you will make it your mission in life to bring down their company by reporting them on every scam website, network, blog. You can quote my husband "This will be the most expenseive customer service call your company ever has had." I hate to say this, but you might have to have your husband say this because in my experience they take men more seriously. I hope that helps. Good luck.

  • Angela Neil said:  

    I have DirecTV too - thank your for posting - keep updating, I'm interested in know what happens!!

  • Traumajunky said:  

    We always have cereal - either hot or cold - for breakfast. We have not tried Honey Kix so this would be a great win and we love trying new things.

  • tuliplvr said:  

    What is it with companies that are just dishonest anymore? I never give my checking account information to any company anymore. There is a site called www.ripoffreport.com where you can log complaints. Sometimes the company will try to make things right once they are "outed". I would tweet to high heaven about what they did. If nothing else it will make others aware. Sorry this happened to you.

  • The Oklahoma Guerra's said:  

    Do with Dish Network!! My husband works for them and they are great! My parents used to have Direct Tv and they had so many problems with them! Good Luck! Hope it works out!

  • The Oklahoma Guerra's said:  

    Do with Dish Network!! My husband works for them and they are great! My parents used to have Direct Tv and they had so many problems with them! Good Luck! Hope it works out!

  • Angela said:  

    Holy cow, now that sounds like a pain in the butt! We had Dish Network and I thought they were bad...they were no where near as bad as taking money out of our account and not giving it back! I hope you stick with it (even though it's a pain) so they don't win. Good luck!

  • Betty N said:  

    We have Verizon for out TV,Computer and phone service and so far anyway, we have been happy with them. So sorry you are having to go through sooooo much just to get what is yours.