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Fairy Godmother Academy

Sunday, July 12, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

As some of you know I am a BIG reader. As are the rest of the family. We love series chapter books so we can read them together as a family. One of our favorites being the Harry Potter series. Now there is a similar series dedicated to the girls! The new series is the Fairy Godmother Academy

This new series is about: "Before there were finishing schools, therapists, or how-to books there were fairy godmothers. Theirs was a legacy of magical Wisdoms, an academy of powerful women with the gifts of Singing Stones, Spirikins, Kalis Sticks, and Magic Hand Mirrors. These powers were handed down through generations to daughters, sisters, nieces and grand daughters." The first book in the series is Birdie's Book and will be available August 25th, 2009. Here is a speacial preview of the new series:

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