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Thursday, July 2, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

Disney Movie Rewards

IF you haven't signed up for Disney Movie Rewards yet then you should! For every Disney Movie you buy inside the case will be a new Disney Rewards Code. Just input the code and ta-da you are on your way to earning fabulous prizes. We just cashed out for my son a YL Pirates of The Caribbean Shirt. Previously we used our points for a Cars hat and some awesome Disney Luggage tags. You can also earn points when you see a Disney movie in the theater. So go sign up today and use the code GOOFY for 50 Bonus points!

2 Post-It Notes »

  • Jessilyn82 said:  

    Thanks for the tip, I had no idea they offered this!

  • minishoes1 said:  

    Thanks! good information! I am going to tell my niece about this.