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Friday, July 31, 2009 3 Post-It Notes

Blog For Peace. Not Swag.
This is TOO funny! LOVE it! I told you before about my BlogHer trip and I really enjoyed it overall. However, PLEASE go check out http://www.tellingdad.com/2009/ode-to-blogher-09/ Greg the owner has come up with an ode to BlogHer that is awesome! Go Greg! You are now one of my favorite people!

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  • Holly S. said:  

    Hey Kassie!

    I just gave your blog an award...


  • Betty N said:  

    I watched the video....how funny! He did a great job capturing the things I have been reading about. Can we encourage him to do more of this kind of thing on other subjects?

  • Heather22 said:  

    ROTFLOL! That was awesome! I'm so glad that people have a sense of humor. Thanks for the link.