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Back from BlogHer! The good, bad, and ugly.

Sunday, July 26, 2009 5 Post-It Notes

Hey everyone! I am back from BlogHer and let me tell you it was an AMAZING experience. I met so many fabulous people and learned so much! I'm still trying to process everything. Here are a few highlights from my trip:

The Good:
Meeting people who do the same type of work that I do even if it is a different topic. It was good to bounce ideas off of someone in "real life". Everyone I had a chance to meet was super nice, understanding, welcoming, and friendly. Being a part of BlogHer I was amazed to see such an uplifting and inspiring group of women AND men. I also had the chance to interact with some AWESOME brands and companies and to connect with them one on one. It was a great chance to hear what they wanted from bloggers as a whole and to learn just how big social media is a contributing factor. Plus of course there was Swag and I will have the chance to share some new and interesting products that will be coming out of the woodwork soon. Overall I LOVED it and hated that I had to leave a day early. They have already announced next year's BlogHer will be in NYC and I am already planning that trip and trying to get sponsors aligned for it. If you have a chance to attend GO!

The Bad:
With sooooo many people attending I didn't have a chance to meet everyone I wanted to. With sooooo many events you had to pick and choose what was most important for you to attend which sometimes meant you missed out. Since this was my very first blogging conference I didn't know what to expect. Now that I have one under my belt I hope to be better prepared next year.

The Ugly:
Having that many women in one area of course there will be a little drama and a helping of controversy thrown in. Unfortunately some women acted very childish and selfish when it came to the Swag. There was lying and stealing of Swag and that was disappointing to say the least. I personally came for other reasons, but was sad to hear how some came just for the Swag. Then there was the Nikon incident. All I have to say about all of the drama is come on ladies GROW UP. If that is how you want to conduct yourselves don't come.

So that's my recap! I know I have left out sooo many things, but like I said I'm still trying to process everything lol. My brain is on overload at the moment, but keep checking back in with Southern Bella's Ways To Save and we will be getting back on track with what you love most! Product Reviews, Giveaways, Ways to Earn Money and Ways to Save!

5 Post-It Notes »

  • Cassidy said:  

    Hey Hun!
    It was soo great meeting you at BlogHer! I had such a great time with you! (And thanks for finding us and rescueing us from boredom! hehe!)
    <3 Cassidy

    ps. I wanna hear about this Nikon incident!


  • CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said:  

    I totally was shocked at the swag stealing! What the heck is that?!
    Not like there wasn't enough crap to go around!
    I still had tons of fun though!

  • Betty N said:  

    I have been on other blogs and they report the same incidents you describe...what a shame...it reflects on "Bloggers" in general when some are so disrectful of one another. I hope somehow in the future those who act in this way would be "uninvited" to go to the convention (maybe have a code of conduct to sign or something like that)

  • Kathleen W. said:  

    It was really nice to meet you, although briefly. I was a bit shocked at some of the stories I heard, but everyone I met was very nice and gracious.

    Hope to see you next year!

  • Becky said:  

    It was great to meet you at BlogHer09!