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Which Ford Would you Take To Blogher?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

As most of you know I am trying to win one of those elusive SOLD OUT BlogHer tickets in Chicago. Well BlogHer and Ford have teemed up to give us the chance! They want us to tell which Ford vehicle we would take to BlogHer. http://www.blogher.com/special-offer-ford

I would absolutely LOVE to take the Fusion Hybrid to BlogHer. I am already on the waiting list and planning on going even though I do not have a ticket. BlogHer or Bust lol. Also I had a chance to try the Ford Fusion at the Idol Rocks/Ford Rolls Party and they are great! You can't beat 41 MPG and a rocking design.

Are YOU going to BlogHer? By plane or car? Are you excited? I would be! Still have my fingers crossed for a sponsorship to go as well!

2 Post-It Notes »

  • kasandria said:  

    Hi there! BlogHer is a Conference Chicago where Bloggers and Brands come together and mingle and learn how to be a better blogger. All of the conferences are sold out, but there is still a LOT to do. Here's a link talking about it.