Tuesday, June 2, 2009 3 Post-It Notes

The Twtter Phenomen has taken me! I kept procrastinating on signing up and once I did WOW at the number of hours I have spent on there! It's 10 times more addicting than facebook and I love it!. If you want to contact me my name is @waystosave. In the future I hope to host Twitter nights so we can chat with the hashtag #waystosave

Speaking of twitter parties http://momitforward.com/ has Girls Night Out parties every Tuesday night on twitter. Just use hashtag #gno. Hope to see you there!

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  • Veronica Lee said:  

    Hi kassie, did you get my e-mail??

  • Jade aka MommaWannabe said:  

    Hi Kassie,

    I a honestly still don't get Twitter;)

  • kasandria said:  

    Veronica-Msged you back try emailing me at kasandriareasoner(AT)att(DOT)net

    Jade-I was a Twitter novice for a long time, then I just dug in and now I'm a junkie!