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Review: Rockbuds

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

We recieved our RockBuds from chicBuds earlier this week. When I opened the package they were quicly confiscated by my son. We plugged them into our ipod and tried them out. They were AWESOME! The sound quality alone was a plus and they have a built-in retractable feature which is a great way to keep your cords untangled. The retractor allows the cord length to expand and retract to 5 stopping points... shorter for use on an armband and longer to reach an iPod on a belt. They also feature a clip so you could clip them on your clothes to prevent them frombouncing around. Last, but not least are the rocking designs.

You can get RockBuds, chicBuds, chicBuds jr., and more from: http://www.chicbuds.com/index.html They are also availble at any local Dillard's so go out and get your RockBuds today!

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