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Review: Brez The Natural Way To Stop Snoring

Monday, June 29, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Let me start out by saying my husband is a snorer. Not just your typical run of the mill snorer either. I'm talking about log splitting, bear in the woods snoring. So when we had a chance to review Brez we (or rather I) jumped at the chance. What is Brez? It is a snoring solution that is made of soft and pliable medical-grade materials that are easy to insert and remove. Plus they are Free of drugs, adhesives and latex and comes in 3 sizes to best fit your nose.

My husband has been using Brez for the past 5 days now. The first day he used the medium size. I could tell a small difference, but he kept waking up and being uncomfortable and we realized that it was too small. The next night he used the larger size. HE said the larger size seemed to feel better and he felt like he could breathe better, but it did feel a tad weird. The next morning he said you completely forget you are wearing after awhile. Was his snoring completely cured? No. However I did notice that it was softer and sometimes he had breaks. I think this product would work great on someone who only nasally snored, but my husband also snores using his mouth/throat. Overall we liked Brez and plan to continue it for the next week and see if it gets better.

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