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Review: As Seen On TV SonicScrubber

Saturday, June 20, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Clean Faster, Easier, Better with FREE Shipping

How many times have you been up late and saw an infomercial and thought Hmmmmm I wonder if that really works? Well Ways To Save decided to try them out! This is the first in the series "As Seen On Tv....Do They Work?" For the first test we went to the Sonic Scrubber. As their tag line says:"Power To Clean Faster, Easier, Better…Guaranteed!" Is quite a leap so I decided to try the Kitchen Power Cleaner SonicScrubber.

I got the nastiest, grossest glass plate that sits at the bottom of the microwave. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that sits there FOREVER and takes just as long to clean it. As you guys know I am not the greatest cleaner in the world, but WOW just look! Here is the BEFORE and AFTER pictures! Now granted this was at 3 in the morning, but still it took me maybe 6-7 minutes and I didn't even have to soak it! PLUS the Kitchen SonicScrubber already comes with batteries so your not scrambling around looking for them.

I went through 1 SonicSrubbie Pad while cleaning the microwave plate. I also switched the SonicScrubber tool to a bigger one. With all the different options you can clean just about anything! I also got a Bathroom Power Cleaner SonicScrubber. So from mildew, caked on grease, dirt, etc I will be able to get the cleaning done without getting my hands dirty! go get yours today!

Use promo code WTPR10 at check out through the end of July for 10% Off. Also the makers of the SonicSrubber have teamed up with Southern Bella's Ways To Save to offer a FANTASTIC giveaway so keep checking back on that!

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