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Monday, June 15, 2009 7 Post-It Notes

Another Monday is here and it's time for Mom Moment! Let's talk clothes shopping. As some of you know I'm going to BlogHer in Chicago at the end of July so of course I *need* some new clothes. Well all would be fine and dandy if I was a size 4. With some nice cleavage. Oh and legs that won't sop. BUT nope I am officially a plus size girl, but I still have the skinny girl mentality. I'll walk buy a cute skirt, dress, or tank top and be like WOW I have to have that. Then comes the dreadful dressing room part. ***BAM*** Reality hits. The skirt only covers the top half of my butt. The low cut jeans my muffin top is more like a bundt cake top. Rolls are hanging out of the tank top. You get the picture. How in the all get out did THAT happen?

Sooooo I'm in the process of looking into the stores I've not shopped from. Lane Bryant, Dress Barn, Avenue, Alight, Torrid. Do you have the same problem as me? If so give a girl some tips on where and more importantly HOW to shop. I guess as long as where my cute shoes, a smile and buy everyone plenty of drinks I'll do ok. ;) So Comment and let me know your struggles or triumphs in the dressing room. Did you find the cutest outfit or shoes or bag? Share! Thanks for tuning in and come back next Monday!

7 Post-It Notes »

  • Kira said:  

    Lane Bryant is hit or miss for cute.. some things are cool and some are ugly. Sign up for their online newsletter and you will get notifications, they have online sales all the time, and you can return online purchases to the store. Old Navy also has plus size clothes online. Dress Barn sometimes has cute things too, but is also hit or miss on the style.

  • Krystyn said:  

    Good luck. I hardly shop for myself at all..then my mom and sister see me, feel bad for me and buy me clothes. I'm awful at shopping.

  • Momstart said:  

    I really thought about doing a Mom Moment monday meme. Have fun at BlogHer, I'm not going to be there but I know it's going to be a blast

  • Martha said:  

    Visiting from Mom dot
    hmm, so not a fashionista but I think if you find something well tailored and fashion forward you know it the minute you put it on.
    Also, great accessories and confidence and good posture of course make any outfit Rock the House!!

  • Patty said:  

    I am sure you will look beautiful and have a great time at Blogher! If you have a Cato near you try them. I have had good luck.

  • Whitney said:  

    Since having my son six months ago, I have resorted to jeans & a tee shirt. I did find some cute dresses at Ross. I'm not much help, but good luck!

  • Headless Mom said:  

    Do you have a Kohl's in your area? I always can find a cute top or two there! And? Most of their spring stuff is now on sale so it will be easy on the wallet, too. That's where I'm headed!