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Monday, June 8, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

I was kinda busy on Friday so here is our late edition with Mom Moment Monday instead.

Everyone has things they are good and and things they just...well... SUCK at. I can read a book in a whole day, am a pretty good mom and wife, am decent with computers, can find almost any answer to any question with the power of google, and can plan a trip to Disney like no other. BUT you wanna know something I SUCK at? Cleaning house. Yep I said it. I suck at it. I'm notorious for walking by the dirty clothes hamper and actually stepping over clothes to go sit at the computer. Would rather pay for a trip to Disney than re-do my carpet which is awful. I do keep the dishes pretty clean, but am queen of clutter. SO why am I telling you all this. I am making a Half Year resolution, yep Half Year lol. I never stick to my New Year's resolutions, but maybe I'll stick to a Half Year's one. By the end of the year I WILL not suck at cleaning house. I won't walk by the clothes, or my bathroom. I will de-clutter my house....starting with the computer desk. I may not become a neat freak, but will have a schedule down for cleaning. Including dusting once a week instead of once every 3 months. Who's with me? What are you good at and what do you SUCK at? What will be your Half Year's Resolution?

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  • Nancyrowina said:  

    I'm exactly the same my bedroom where my computer is is a total mess, I have to step over clothes to get to the computer. In fact if I tried to roll back my office chair now it would probably get stuck on clothes. I've made a resolution to clean the kitchen every day, but I left the kitchen to come in here and work on my blog traffic already...

  • Helene said:  

    Oh I totally suck at house cleaning too! I mean, when I do it I'm really good at it...when I start a job I complete it until it's squeaky clean BUT I don't enjoy it so I don't do it often...hence, I suck at it.

    I kinda suck at cooking. Although thanks to some wonderful cooking blogs, I'm getting better with each new recipe I try.

    I'm pretty sure I'm good at being a mom, although my kids may disagree with me this morning since I wouldn't allow them to eat just Corn Pops for breakfast without any fruit.