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Bzz Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 1 Post-It Notes

With Summer being here I like for the sunshine to stream through my windows and light up the house. It seems to make everyone in just a little bit better mood. However I hadn't cleaned the outside windows in awhile because it was such a chore. That's why when I heard about BzzAgent's new Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One campaign I signed up.

Included in the packaged was one cleaning head, an easy-to-assemble pole and one water-activated Windex cleaning pad. The pad has enough cleaning power to tackle dirt and grime on up to 20 standard 30" x 40" windows. I cleaned the front door windows, front door, kitchen windows and living room windows and noticed it was too dirty to continue. All in all I cleaned about 12 windows, but they were really dirty. So if you kept a schedule you could probably do the 20 windows as said.

It was very easy to assemble and use, but after my arms were KILLING me. So not only do you get clean windows, but you get a workout. ;) The one complaint I had was I wish ore pads were included in the kit. I hated to quit mid-stride. You know how it is once you start something it's best to finish it or it will just add to your un-finished list. All in all the Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One is a good product. Remember with Bzz Agent you get to check out the latest on everything in the Bzzz.

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  • Rossel said:  

    thanks for sharing this. had a hard time cleaning our house too.