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Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Thursday, May 7, 2009 7 Post-It Notes

I'm a firm believer in there is not a way to get rich quick.....Well unless you win the lottery. BUT there are ways to get rich slowly :). Hey if you can earn $10 today it is more than you had yesterday and that is okay by me! Here are a few different and some even weird ways to earn some extra cash!

  • Sell your old stuff: It could be old movies, clothes, purses just about anything. If it is just sitting in your close or high on that shelf collecting dust then SELL it! You could have a yard sale, list it on eBay or Half.com, sell it on craigslist. You can even sell books, etc. on Amazon.
  • Sell your services: Are you good with computers? How about landscaping or even cleaning house? You can sell your services on the weekends or when you are off. I know I started out as a babysitter and some dog walkers make $10 an hour! So throw your ad on craigslist, a local bulletin board, a vet. or Dr. office, even the newspaper and watch your sidework take off!
  • Making $$ online: From blogging, mystery shopping, survey taking, eBaying, GPT sites, Paid To Search, freelance writing and more. This is the area I am personally working on and so far so good! I update this blog with more of this information so keep checking in and remember to look at my older posts.
  • Sell old Gold: This one explains itself and is really popular at the moment. I did it and was VERY happy with the results.
  • Work for science: Now to the weirdest on the list. You can sell your hair http://www.thehairtrader.com/ , donate plasma, or do a clinical trial http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/search!
Well that's the end of my list. If you can think of any other ways to make some extra cash just comment or email!

7 Post-It Notes »

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    Hey! thanks for dropping by my blog I really appreciate. You seems to know many things, I will be learning more from you thanks a lot... oh im clicking some of your interesting links as my token :-)

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    great job here! I will have to check out the clinical trials-

  • Tanya said:  

    following you now... looking forward to upcoming posts. ;)

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    Great info! Thanks for the informative list!

  • sweetdonut said:  

    thanks for this post. my problem is...i don't have golds,hahaha...

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  • Pinching Abe said:  

    I signed up for a site where I get paid to look at ads. They don't come via email, I log in to their site. So far I've earned 5-6 bucks. Not a huge moneymaker, but still nice to get in my PayPal account.