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Monday, May 18, 2009 6 Post-It Notes

Someone asked me the other day if doing the surveys are really worth it. My answer is it depends on you. Personally I enjoy doing them. giving my opinion and getting paid for it or just getting free samples is worth my time. Do I do every survey in my inbox no. Surveys can be long and tedious but I try to do at least 4-5 a day. Gradually the money or points add up and occasionally you can win sweepstakes by completing surveys. So the short answer for me is yes surveys are worth it for me. The bigger questions is are they worth it to you?

Here are some more companies to add to your list:

So sign up because the more companies you are signed up with the more you can make!

6 Post-It Notes »

  • caryn said:  

    thanks for the great list, I joined some of them tonight. I have really appreciated all your comments on my blog lately.

  • ✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ ✄ ✂ said:  

    Thanks for the link to SayNation- It looks awesome and my husband is doing these survey things all the time anyway. Now he's got ANOTHER site to use!! Great to know it actually pays out, too.

  • Clarissa said:  

    I've always wanted to try those! I hear you can make alot of money, probably adds up, but the beginning pay isn't too high.

  • Some Lucky Dog said:  

    I really like Focus Forward. I've done a couple of their focus groups where they start with a phone interview, give you some task to do (like cooking a meal and taking notes), then logging in at a certain time to answer questions and participate in a group. The paid $75- $100 dollars and the check came fast!

  • happyenchilada said:  

    thanks for the links to these survey sites Ive been looking for legit ones for a while..(the only ones I've signed up for seem to only give you sweepstakes entries that I have no way of knowing EVER happen)
    I am going to try a couple of these..do they have a referral bonus for you if I sign up with your name ..email me at kessandcrystal@aol*com if they do and you would like me to list you as a referral.

  • JC said:  

    Thank you for the survey companies intro. Great to know we can make extra $ by doing surveys. Much appreciated!