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Review: By The Book How To Take Care Of My Kids

Monday, May 25, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

When actually going out for a "date" night how many times do you think things like "Did I tell the babysitter that Gabriel fakes brushing his teeth at night?" or "Did I tell her that Isabella likes to watch The Little Mermaid until she falls asleep?" Here is the perfect e-book for you! By The Book: How To Take Care Of My Kids is a printable manual on the thing most important to you. YOUR kids. You can leave detailed information about each of your kids, your pets, and the all important medical details. Near the back Karen gives you detailed questions for you to ask a potential babysitter/Nanny. She also gives you multiple pages in case things change.

There is either the hardcover or the e-book versions to buy. For all Southern Bella's Ways To Save readers I have a 25% Off Coupon Code! Go here: http://www.bythebookkids.com/topurchase.aspx and put in code: BTBK7757 (case sensitive) Keep checking in later today for your chance to WIN your own copy!

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